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We are a South Yorkshire based Garden Design business specialising in domestic garden design, planting plans and garden design advice.

Designer Beck Saxton is highly experienced in horticulture with a breadth of plant knowledge and expertise gained from her five years plus tending to the domestic gardens she manages within her Garden Care business which she runs alongside Viridi Garden Design.

With a BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion Design a Royal Horticultural Society NVQ qualification in the Principals of Horticulture and Garden Design studies at both The Edinburgh Garden School and The English Gardening School Chelsea, you can expect a quality garden design bursting with artistic flair, knowledge, originality, personal touches and vibrancy.

Each and every design is beautifully handcrafted in a range of presentation formats for you to realise your ideal garden before it becomes a reality. We pride ourselves on our hand drawn designs as we feel it is a totally unique representation of our interpretation of your needs.

We aim to bring the very best out of our client's outdoor space by working closely with every client to get to the very core of what is truly important to them. This makes every Viridi Garden as individual as each of our clients.

We offer a range of services from planting planning to full-scale garden design. From border design to advice and idea generation as well as a purely online based simple garden design package.

Please visit our Services page for more information.

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| Silkstone Common, Barnsley, South Yorkshire | Tel: 07921563757 |

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